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The Great Sardine Party!
By Hush-Hush Garden
By Paula Santos
The first Sardine party at Hush-Hush Garden was tremendous. The garden looked small for so many people and a six elements band – Tons Calientes - who thrilled the crowd with fantastic popular music usually played during the festivities of Lisbon.

This band is formed by professional musicians who normally play in private parties.  

Apart the Sardines, truly the queens of the night, we started with two salads:

Home-made cured cod salad with chickpeas from Serpa and baby red Swiss chards.

By Paula Santos
Roasted red pepper salad with cured Azeitão cheese, roasted almonds and fresh coriander leaves.

By Paula Santos

The highlight of the party was when the band amazed the guests with a Passo Doble as we served the grilled wild ox (touro bravo) steaks with wild rocket salad. This meat brings us back the memories of the genuine meat flavor, as we remember from our childhood. Awesome!

By Paula Santos
By Paula Santos

This was followed by the grilled sardines, served with boiled potatoes and spring onion mayonnaise.

By Paula Santos

To prep the stomachs for the desserts, verdolaga soup with goat cheese, a typical Alentejo’s dish.

For dessert, we decided to celebrate the season with a strawberry and mint salad topped by a Manjerico (sweet basil) sorbet.

By Paula Santos

By AnaMariaGozandoaVida

We feel really fortunate to welcome fantastic guests who contributed to create Hush-Hush Garden’s magic mood.

 Once more we had a fantastic time under the moon and the stars!
Thank you all!

Tons Calientes contact: + 351 93 425 12 27

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