domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

Oh Santo António,
Meu Santo Antoninho,
Leva-me ao Hush-Hush Garden,
Que eu quero ir a esse jantarinho!
The great Sardine party is at Hush-Hush Garden.
Join us to celebrate one of the most traditional and charismatic parties of Lisbon!

 Santo António is the patron saint of Lisbon and the happy marriages. Traditionally, during the parties, sweethearts burn a wild artichoke. If it blossoms the next year, it means their love is forever!
It’s also the season for the beloved offer each other Manjericos (small leave basil) tucked with a paper carnation and a love poem.
We’re preparing a great dinner party with Sardines, paper flowers and popular music by a sextet of metal instruments to cheer the night!


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