quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

Rain! Tropical rain and the promise of a ruined dinner party…

Once again we had to set the table inside. But, astonishingly, half an hour later, the sky was crystal clear, no wind blowing and it was hot!
We quickly moved the table outside and it was amazing! It came out to be a great night under the stars.
Here is the recipe for the main course:
Deboned ribcages of pork - 2
Herbs: Thyme, rosemary, mint and fennel – 1 bunch
Roasted pine nuts – 75 g
Preserved lemon – 1 ½ lemon
Garlic head – 1
Lemons – ½
1 - Emerge the preserved lemon rinds in cold water for a few hours to rinse the excess of salt.
2 - Scrub the meat with the lemon and the garlic head inside and out.
3 - Chop the herbs and the pine nuts and cover the deboned meat with it.

4 - Cut the preserved lemon rind into stripes and spread on top of the herbs and pines.
5 - Roll the meat up and seal it with strings.
6 - Roast in the oven for 1 hour at 180 ºC. Turn the rolls over and cook for another hour until it’s brown and crispy.
7 - To serve, remove the strings and cut two fingers width slices.
This time, the dish was completed with roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with olive oil, sea salt and oreganos and artichokes hearts with a lemon and butter sauce.

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  1. It was an amazing night. Thank You Susana and everyone who was there to make the experience. Great cuisine with great company.

    Portugal - Tudo Bom.