quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010


Martinho was a roman soldier who, in a stormy day, passed by a humble man. He felt sorry for the man and shared his coat with him. Suddenly, the cold and the wind disappeared and gave place to a warm and sunny summer day.

Is popular believe that god rewarded Martinho for his kindness towards the beggar offering them a comforting and warm sun.

Since then, at this time of the year, although is autumn, is always hot and the sun shines like in the summer time. That is why this season is called S. Martinho’s summer.

Traditionally we eat roasted chestnuts and taste the new wine. It is the Magusto!

Next 11th November we will have a Magusto party at Hush-hush garden with good food and Portuguese wines to celebrate the season. We hope you join us!