quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

Underground dining scene
A year ago, when we decided to take the Hush-Hush Garden project ahead, we didn’t expect to meet so many and different persons. Last time we welcomed Ana and her husband Carlos.
They live in Paris where Ana, a Spanish girl, started an underground restaurant with two friends. At Ana’s apartment they produce unique dinner parties where food and artistic performances are the pretext for unforgettable evenings. Can't wait to pay them a visit. It looks amazing!
Un artiste a la table
Being able to share our experiences with these new friends is absolutely fantastic and makes us want to keep up as we realize we’re part of a fantastic new trend which we hope is here to stay.
The underground restaurant movement or guerrilla dinning or whatever name we want to give it, started in south America countries, which the Cuban paladares are the best example. 

The entrance to Le Chansonnier and La Guardia in 2001 when we visited La Havana.

The trend soon spread across USA and, during the last few years, became an established urban movement in the UK and other European countries.
We decided to start our hidden kitchen project because we want the richness of the Portuguese local products and Portuguese wines to be appreciated by as many people as possible. Also because we feel so lucky having found our house with it’s lovely garden, that we want to share it with our friends and guests and, at the same time, enjoying good food and good wine.
At Hush-Hush Garden we chose to divulge the wonderful Portuguese cuisine that we try to display with creativity and prepare with the best organic and seasonal ingredients.
August dinner parties: 13th August – Fully booked!
                                        27th August – Places available.

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