sábado, 10 de julho de 2010

Welcome to HUSH-HUSH GARDEN, the first anti-restaurant in Lisbon!

In the heart of Lisbon a secret garden is expecting your visit.

Kick off dinner will be the 23rd of July and we’re preparing our very best specialities!

Under the moonlight and the stars you’ll have the most wonderful dinner prepped with fresh ingredients and Portuguese delicatessen.

What bonds us is the love to cook and the passion to share it with others. We’re not trained chefs, but we love to eat and mostly, love to share the pleasure of good food.

Our food is simple and clean, inspired on the Portuguese ingredients. We try to cook well and eat even better!

The table is set and the candles are ready to burn… Join us in our huge adventure!
We’re waiting for you.

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  1. Conta comigo Rita! Absolutamente fantástico o setting do jardim misterioso, na certo bonito e a lua só tem a obrigação de estar enorme.